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OSRS ToA - Everything You Need to Know About Zebak


Completing a complete raid is the requirement for the OSRS miniquest Into the Tombs. We suggest you practice the paths one by one until you know how they work. In our previous blogs, you will find out how to complete the challenges before encountering the bosses. From today on, we will introduce the boss of each path one by one.

Let's start with Zebak, Guardian of Crondis, the boss of Path of Crondis. We suggest you fight against him with Ranged. Drinking a dose of Antidote++ before starting the raid will save you an inventory slot.

Basic Attacks

Zebak uses all three attack styles: Melee, Ranged, and Magic.

Melee - He will attack you with Melee when you stand in his melee range. The Melee attack will inflict a bleeding effect, which will cause damage to you if you move. Therefore, we do not recommend attacking it with Melee.

If you stand out of his melee range, he will attack with Magic and Ranged.

Magic - A pot will appear above. And then a red ball will fall to attack you. You can turn on your Protect from Magic prayer against it when you see the pot.

Ranged - A large rock will appear above. And then it will splinter into smaller rocks to attack you. Turn on your Protect from Missiles prayer against it when you see the large rock.

Note: Both Magic and Ranged attacks will deal damage only when they hit you. Therefore, it's not too late to use prayer when you see the pot or rock.

Special Attacks

Zebak has two special attacks: Great Roar and Tidal Waves.

Great Roar - During the fight, he will throw jugs (hit them to remove the poison around if necessary), poison (don't stand on it), and rocks on the floor. After several basic attacks, he will make a Great Roar, dealing massive damage to you three times.

How to avoid the damage from his great roar?

Observe and select a jug, then push it toward the rock to break it. Doing so will remove the poison from the floor. You can then stand behind the rock to avoid the damage from his great roar.


If you cannot push a jug to the rock before his roar comes out, click to move to a place without poison to avoid more damage if necessary.

Stand along the back wall of the boss room if you missed pushing the jug to mitigate the damage from the roar.

Eat when the roar occurs if you are low in health.

Tidal Waves - Zebak will throw more jugs and poison (no rock) before he performs the Tidal Waves. You can move to the area with fewer poisons and run to the gaps of the waves to avoid taking damage.

If the wave catches you, it will damage and push you down the water. Climb up with the rock steps as soon as possible.

Zebak's Invocations

There are four invocations to make it more challenging to fight with Zebak. And the invocations will increase your raid level.

Not Just a Head (+15 raid level) - Zebak will perform the blood magic.

Arterial Spray (+5 raid level, Not Just a Head must be active) - Zebak's blood magic's radius and healing will increase.

Blood Thinners (+10 raid level, Not Just a Head must be active) - Zebak will summon three blood magic spawns. Don't let them touch you.

Upset Stomach (+5 raid level) - Zebak's acid pools will have increased spread, and jugs will be less effective.

Once Zebak's health is low, he will attack you faster with basic attacks. And he will no longer perform any special attacks. Pay attention to prayer switches.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading. We will continue to update the strategies of other bosses later.

The RSBee Team


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