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OSRS Raid ToA Elidinis' Warden and Tumeken's Warden Introduction


Elidinis' Warden and Tumeken's Warden

We introduced the four path challenges and bosses of the Tombs of Amascut two days before. Today we will introduce the final bosses: Elidinis' Warden and Tumeken's Warden.

If you have completed all four path challenges and defeated the bosses, you will find the entrance to the final boss room. All party members must speak to Osmumten (Amascut if you haven't completed the OSRS miniquest Into the Tombs)to enter the boss room.

The First Phase

You will find the obelisk in the boss room, transferring the energy to the Wardens. Attack the obelisk or stand on the path to disrupt the charging (taking damage). For example, if you want to fight against Tumeken, disrupt the charging to Elidinis.

When the obelisk's HP is 0%, one of the Wardens comes alive, praying two styles of protection prayers.

While attacking the obelisk, some energy balls will shoot you (unavoidable damage). Or some red and yellow pyramids will spread out. If you stand in the pyramids area, you will take some damage. Standing at the edge will make you void of hurt.

The Second Phase

Attack the Warden with a ranged weapon. After dealing with a few damages, you will find the Warden's HP bar is full (yellow color, and then change to green color). A core will appear. Attack it, and the Warden will take x5 of your damage. For example, if you deal 50 damage, the Warden will lose 250 HP.


When the obelisk is powered up, the Warden will perform one of the special attacks:

Windmill Beam - the obelisk will shoot out beams clockwise in four directions, and the floor will briefly glow before the beam is discharged. Move away from it.

Converging Beam - the obelisk will shoot out two beams reaching the end of the arena (the north and south or the west and east). Then the beams will spread out and converge towards the obelisk. Move away from them.

Lightning Skull - the obelisk will launch red skulls and discharge lightning outward in a 7x7 area, which will move around the room. Deal as much damage as possible while the Lightning Skulls are moving.

The Final Phase

In the final phase, the Warden will raise the floors to attack players (right first, then left, and both sides). Stay in the center tiles, and move left or right to avoid hurt.

When the HP drops to around 75%, the Warden will pray with all three protection prayers and unleash some red energy siphons that you can only deal damage to the siphons with melee. Destroy them as fast as you can. If you destroy all, the Warden will take the damage (depending on how many siphons are). Otherwise, you will take the damage (depending on how many siphons are left).

The Warden will summon phantoms to attack you during the fighting.

Once the HP drops very low, the Warden will partially heal and become enraged, starting to attack players with red lighting strikes. You can see shadows of the strikes on the ground, giving you the time to evade them.

Kill the Warden as fast as you can.

Thank you for reading. Learn more about the path challenges and bosses of the Tombs of Amascut.

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