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How to buy on RSBee?

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What can RSBee do?

We can help you do rs 2007 quests, minigame currencies and items, skill power leveling services and what else you want us the help you.

Why choose RSBee?

Buying has never been so simple! You pay us with rs 07 gold in game and we do the rest for you. All you need to do is place an order, put the gold coins in your inventory, and then contact our customer service. Leave the rest to us. Of course, we firmly believe that you can get the best service with the lowest price - osrs gold cost on RSBee.

How do I register as a member of RSBee?

Click on the “Register” link on the top left corner of Fill in your name, email address, and login password. Then click to submit button.

Why should I register on RSBee?

1. You can buy without filling in any information when you are trying to buy on RSBee with account logging in.
2. RSBee Loyalty/Reward Points system is available for members only. You cannot use the reward points system without being an RSBee member account logged in.

What’s Loyalty/Reward Points and how does it work?

RSBee Loyalty/Reward Points is a reward point that can be used as OSRS Gold when you are paying for your order. 100 points equal 1M OSRS Gold.

RSBee Loyalty/Reward Points is available for our members only. When you are logged in, you will find that an input box in the shopping cart is activated. Enter the points you want to use and click the submit button. Your subtotal will be deducted by the corresponding amount.

How can I get the Loyalty/Reward Points?

There are 3 ways to get Loyalty/Reward Points:

1. You will get 100 points for free by registering on RSBee.
2. You can get 1-10 points for logging in every 24 hours.
3. You can get points equal to the payment amount for each completed order.

How can I find my order history?

Log in with your RSBee account or click the account link to get to the member center. You can find it there.

Can I buy from RSBee without registering?

Yes, you can still buy products on RSBee without registering. However, creating an account will make the buying process quicker and you can get more benefits.

I know you will ask for my osrs account login information to complete my order, is it safe?

YES, we should log on to your account to finish the quest, do the minigame, train your rs skills, etc. But don’t worry about your old school rs account. We will never hack or hijack your rs 07 account, ever.

Will you sell my osrs items for gold and transfer it to your account?

NO. If you don’t have enough gold to pay us, we will contact you to deal with it. We will never sell your rs 07 items without your permission.

Will you transfer my osrs gold if my game character doesn’t meet the requirements for what I have ordered?

NO. We will check if your osrs character meets the requirements for what you ordered. If not, we will not transfer the gold and will contact you to deal with it.

Will you share my personal information and game information?

NO. We will never share your personal information or rs account information with anyone.

How can I buy from RSbee?

Buying has never been simple!

1. Visit the categories of what you want to buy. Then add the products to your shopping cart.
2. Place an order and be sure you have enough gold for the order in your character inventory in the game. For account orders, please contact our 24/7 live chat help to complete the gold trade-in game.
3. Go to our 24/7 live chat and tell us your osrs account login information. If you don’t want to chat with us or our 24/7 live chat help is offline for some reason, please leave us a message with your order number and the osrs account login information, including osrs login name, password, and the bank pin if you have it set.
4. We will log into your osrs account and transfer the osrs gold to our account. Then we will work on your order.

Will you transfer my gold to your account if my character doesn’t meet the requirements for what I have ordered?

NO. If your character doesn’t meet the requirements for what you have ordered, we won’t transfer any of your gold.

Will you do my orders by using bots?

NO. We will do all orders manually. No bots or any other macros which can be harmful to your account will be used.

When will you start on my order after my order has been paid?

Our gamer will start on your order within 15~30 minutes after your RS account login information has been confirmed.

Can I log in game with my account during the order time?

NO. Please don’t try to log in game with the account until you are informed that your order has been completed. If you really want to log in, please tell us first before logging in by contacting our 24/7 live help. And don’t transfer anything we need for your order to any other account. Please tell us when you log out of the game so that we can continue working on your order.

Can I change my password during the Power-Leveling process?

We suggest that don't change your password. If you really want to change, please tell us by contacting our 24/7 live help after you have changed it, so that we can continue working on your order.

Why do you want me to prepare more OSRS Gold for my order?

For some orders, like Prayer power-leveling, Dragon slayer II quest, and so on, you should have enough gold for supplies or materials.

Refund Policy

If you wish to cancel your order when the payment has been confirmed but the order has not been started, we will send you a full refund immediately, and we will permanently delete all of your personal information from our system. If you wish to cancel your order when the payment has been confirmed but the order is partially completed, we will send you a partial refund for how much of the work we have not finished. We will refund you within 12 hours.

If you have any other questions, please contact our 24/7 live help.


    We will serve you as industrious as bees, offering 24 hours service every day.

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