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Latest News
  • Based on the voting and survey results, Jagex has brought three new OSRS skills for players to pick: Sailing, Taming, and Shamanism. Two skills are Utility, and the third is a mix between Production and Gathering. Today we will give you a brief introduction to Sailing. Introduction Sailing is a support skill letting players command their seaworthy vessel to unlock, discover, and experience new content on the seas. All you need to...
  • In the latest Poll 79, Jagex mentions future updates about Abyssal Lantern, Larry's Keys, Nex,&Zealot's Robes. Today we will share them with you. Abyssal Lantern The Abyssal lantern is a shield-slot item obtained only from the Rewards Guardian after completing the OSRS minigame Guardians of the Rift. You can use 6 logs of the same type on the lantern to light it to gain various benefits when playing Guardians of the Rift....
  • Have you ever seriously specialized in achieving combat achievements? What is your motivation for completing combat achievements? Did you spend a long time on an easy task but haven't completed it yet? Many players feel that the current rewards do not match their efforts. Jagex heard that and provided a solution in Poll 79: Combat Achievement Points. Current Reward System You must complete all tasks of the same tier to claim your...
  • Tempoross is an OSRS minigame-style boss that you can fight with the Fishing skill. It's one of the Fishing training methods. Requirements 35 Fishing Required Items A hammer, A Rope, A Harpoon, Some Buckets (five or more) Although you can find all the required items in Tempoross Cove, we suggest you bring them before boarding the ship. Getting There The fastest way is to teleport to Al Kharid with the Amulet of...
Customer Testimonials
I have used your website many times, and you have never let me down. Thank you.
Glenn Powers--Mar 10, 2023
First time using your website. I cannot believe I can even pay with gold. Thank you.
Chris Wagner--Mar 1, 2023
Great fire cape service. Very fast and professional.
Jacob Keuter--Feb 22, 2023
You guys are doing well. Thank you so much.
Jaryn Lunasco--Feb 10, 2023
I was afraid that they would take away my gold without completing the order, so I just purchased one quest that didn't need the bank pin. Several times later, I found that they completed all orders quickly each time. They are trusted, guys. Now I will not hesitate to give them my bank pin. Great job, rsbee.
Thomas Miller--Jan 24, 2023

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