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Latest News
  • Do you like raids in OSRS? Which one do you like best? There are currently three raids in the game - the Chambers of Xeric (CoX), the Theatre of Blood (ToB), and the Tombs of Amascut (ToA). Each raid has its own charm that attracts players to take risks. Of course, it comes with generous rewards. Many players make tons of OSRS gold by camping the raids. If you haven't explored them...
  • You will find an ancient temple beneath the dwarven town of Cam Torum in Varlamore. There are three demi-bosses in the temple. After defeating them, you will get various rewards - including new unique armour sets and the Bladed Moon. Note: You must have completed the OSRS quest Perilous Moons to gain access to the dungeon to face the bosses. New Demi-Bosses Like the Barrow brothers, the more bosses you defeat, the...
  • Here comes the Halloween event 2023 in the OSRS game. Uh, wait. This event is a repeat of 2022. But it is a bit different from the previous one. Why Repeat? All Old School Team staff are busy with upcoming updates and game changes like Varlamore, the Sailing Skill, the Leagues IV, and more. So, they decided to prioritize developing these projects and have players replay last year's Halloween event. What's New?...
  • Scar essence mine is a place that is full of Amalgamations. You can mine these Amalgamations for Tainted essence chunks. Then, deposit the chunks into any Ventriculus opening around. Withdraw Runic extracts from the extract orifice after putting some OSRS gold coins into Hagus' coffer. You will craft more runes while the correct Runic extracts are in your inventory. Requirements You have started the Desert Treasure II and had the golem output...
Customer Testimonials
Amazing People. Fast and super easy to work with! AAA+++++
Frank Rizzo--Nov 2, 2023
You guys are awesome. I will purchase DT2 when I get paid next month.
Zach Smith--Oct 24, 2023
Got the firecape in 2 hours on my ironman. Good job. Thank you guys.
Jacob Andrews--Oct 15, 2023
Very satisfactory purchase. I suggest everyone use them. The gamer traded me 5M more because hes late.
Jaclyn Carr--Oct 7, 2023
Thanks. Got my gold in 6 minutes. I will buy more later.
Jaden Lippincott--Sep 26, 2023

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