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Latest News
  • Defender of Varrock, the new OSRS quest in the Mahjarrat storyline, is now live! Here is a quick and easy guide for you. Requirements You must have 55 Smithing and 52 Hunter to start the quest. Also, you have to complete the following quests: Shield of Arrav, Temple of Ikov, Below Ice Mountain, Family Crest, Garden of Tranquillity, What Lies Below, Romeo and Juliet, and Demon Slayer. Besides, you have to defeat...
  • Great news! The DT2 Combat Achievements are available for players to challenge in the game. There are a total of 36 achievements, nine for each boss. Here is a list of them. Check them now and see how many you can complete. Vardorvis Elite Kill Vardorvis in 1:15 without a Slayer Task. Kill Vardorvis once. Master Kill Vardorvis in 1:05 without a Slayer Task. Kill Vardorvis 50 times. Kill Vardorvis perfectly five...
  • New Year, New Quest! You must have found a new OSRS quest named Children of the Sun in your quest list. This quest will introduce the upcoming Varlamore storyline. Here is the quest walkthrough. Requirements There are no requirements for starting the quest. And also, you don't need to prepare any items. The only requirement is that you must be a member. Walkthrough 1. Head to the Varrock Square (the Varrock teleportation)....
  • Merry Christmas! Christmas Event 2023 has been released in the OSRS game on December 12, 2023. Now you can take part in and get the rewards. It's an awesome method for non-members to get some free OSRS gold by selling the rewarded items via the Grand Exchange. Here is the guide for you. Location Start the event by speaking to Jack Frost north of the sheep pen in Lumbridge. The quickest way...
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Amazing People. Fast and super easy to work with! AAA+++++
Frank Rizzo--Nov 2, 2023
You guys are awesome. I will purchase DT2 when I get paid next month.
Zach Smith--Oct 24, 2023
Got the firecape in 2 hours on my ironman. Good job. Thank you guys.
Jacob Andrews--Oct 15, 2023
Very satisfactory purchase. I suggest everyone use them. The gamer traded me 5M more because hes late.
Jaclyn Carr--Oct 7, 2023
Thanks. Got my gold in 6 minutes. I will buy more later.
Jaden Lippincott--Sep 26, 2023

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