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Latest News
  • The Mimic casket is an item you can obtain while opening an Elite or Master reward casket, allowing you to fight the Mimic boss for bonus rewards. How to Get a Mimic Casket Firstly, you must speak to the Strange Casket upstairs in Watson's house in Hosidius to enable it (disabled by default). After talking to it, you will have a chance to get a Mimic Casket when you open your Elite...
  • Hunter is an easy-to-train skill that can make you profit, even if you are a level 3. Here are some recommended training methods for level 1-99. Level 1-15: Natural History Quiz and Feldip weasels Go to the basement section of the Varrock Museum, and complete the Natural History Quiz to gain 1,000 Hunter experience for level 1-9. Then buy a Noose wand and go to the Feldip Hunter area south of Yanille....
  • There are some necklaces for OSRS Skills training and teleporting in the OSRS game. Let's learn about them below. For Non-combat Skills Training These necklaces are useful when you train your OSRS Skills. Binding necklace The binding necklace gives you a 100% success rate in making combination runes while training your Runecraft skill. It has 16 uses, and clicking on an alter will consume one use. The monsters in the Abyss have...
  • If you want to train the Slayer skill, the Slayer ring is one of the helpful items in the game. Today we will introduce it to you. Like other rings, there is no requirement to equip it. But it is not tradeable. The ring has eight charges before it crumbles. How to Get It There are two ways to get the ring: buy from a slayer master or make it yourself. You...
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You are great. I have recommended your site to my friends.
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Thank you for the soul wars points. It's fast and cheap.
Vidar Larsen--Oct 10, 2022
I'm glad you helped me get the void set. Thanks.
Joshua Charles--Sep 30, 2022
I will buy more from you guys. Thank you for the cheap fire cape service.
David Monago--Sep 22, 2022
Very satisfied with your service. Thanks.
Tyler Thompson--Sep 15, 2022

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