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Latest News
  • Crack the Clue 3 was released On 23 September 2022. Like the Treasure Trails, you should have to crack all clues with required items and conditions to get the Robes of Ruin, a new set of outfits, which is for both free players and members. So far, players have cracked the fourth step. Note: You must have nothing equipped and no other items but the required ones in your inventory when you...
  • Chaos Fanatic is an easy-to-kill wilderness boss in the OSRS game. You can find him west of the Lava Maze, south of the 44 Wilderness teleport obelisks. Gear Setup & Inventory Because his location is between KBD and Chaos Alter, it is usually the hot spot for PKers. We recommend that you do not use gear and items that are too valuable. The most effective way to kill it is to use...
  • OSRS Crack the Clue 3 has begun. We can now see the four clues have been released on OSRS's official website. It is said that there are no hard requirements to solve the clues. There should be no OSRS quests and skills requirements. Crack the Clue 3 Scrolls Unlike the previous two events, all clues were released at the same time rather than released weekly. There are some tree symbols, emotes, cross...
  • Crack the clue is a clue seeker (like the OSRS minigame treasure trails) event, rewarding you with a piece of a brand new set of cosmetic gear by completing each. We can track the history of this activity back to 2016. And the second event launched in 2019. The third event will start at 12:00 BST on Friday, 23 September 2022 (announced on OSRS's official Twitter)! Like the two previous events, it...
Customer Testimonials
Thank you for helping me to complete the quest for the new raid. I want a thread to upgrade my rune pouch. Wish me good luck.
Jacob Andrews--Sep 5, 2022
Good job. I will return when I need help in the game.
Zach Smith--Aug 25, 2022
Thank you for helping me to get the fire cape. The cheapest and best.
Jeff Brunet--Aug 19, 2022
I can't believe you actually helped me finish the Dragon slayer II. My combat level is only 85! Thank you very much!
Steven Markotich--Aug 9, 2022
Thank you for helping me get three firecapes. It's really cheap. I will buy more quest help services later.
Pry Jones--Jul 30, 2022

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