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Fighter torso

Fighter torso

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  • Time: 8-12 Hours

    Requirements: Level 40+ Attack, Strength and Defence, Rune Armour set and Scimitar or better gears, Games necklace, No cape on and no items in inventory

    Note: We DO NOT need your bank pin for this product!


The fighter torso (called the Penance torso in the Barbarian Assault Reward Shop) is armour that requires 40 Defence to equip and is a reward from the Barbarian Assault minigame. It is purchased from Commander Connad for 375 honour points in all four roles and one Penance Queen kill and it can be sold back to him for 300 honour points in all four roles by using it on him.

It is one of the most popular and frequently used armour pieces for melee training, where maximizing damage output via strength bonus outweighs the benefit of any other equipment bonus. Its strength bonus is tied with the Bandos chestplate and inquisitor's hauberk but only costs time playing Barbarian Assault instead of coins.

It has the highest negative magic accuracy possible in the body slot, making it an effective armour for splashing.


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