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How to buy on RSBee?

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How to Buy OSRS Game Services with OSRS Gold on RSBee


Recently, many newcomers to RSBee have asked us about payment and orders. We talked about how our website worked before. Today, let's talk about this topic again so that our new customers can know more about us.

Place an Order

Choose the service product under the Products Category, and add it to your cart.

Enter your name and email on the checkout page (auto-filling if you log in as an RSBee member). You can use a coupon code for a discount price. Scroll down and hit the Place Order Now button. After submitting your order request, we will receive your order details.

Pay for Your Order

Please confirm that you have the gold coins equivalent to the price of your order in your OSRS account before contacting us. There are two ways to pay for your order:

1. Leave the OSRS Gold coins in your inventory.

2. Trade the gold to our gamer in the OSRS game.

OSRS Account Login Information Required

We need to log in to your game account to complete the rest of the work, so please let us know via live chat or email. You can find the live chat entrance on the left side or the bottom right of each page site widely. And the only email we use is [email protected]

Leave the Rest to Us

Once we receive your payment, our gamer will usually start to work on your order within 10-30 minutes. We are always serving you as industrious as bees (buzz~buzz~buzz).

Order Completion

After we finish your order, we will inform you by sending an email. Be sure to change your account password for account security.

We Want to Say Thank You

Thank you, our regular customers, for your trust, support, and cooperation. We will continue to work hard to make you more satisfied. At the same time, we welcome our new/future customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The RSBee Team


    We will serve you as industrious as bees, offering 24 hours service every day.

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