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OSRS Tombs of Amascut Path Challeges and Bosses Introduction


OSRS Tombs of Amascut

Raid Tombs of Amascut is the third OSRS raid, released on August 24, 2022. After completing the OSRS quest Beneath Cursed Sand, you can participate in it. We will introduce the path challenges and the four bosses today.

Form a raid party or join a party with the Grouping Obelisk and enter the TOA. You will find four paths: Crodis, Scabaras, Het, and Apmeken. You can enter them in any order.


Path Challenge

Take a water container from the ground, run through the traps in the corners, fill the container with water, run back to the palm, and water it. Kill the Crockdiles when they spawn.

Defeat Zebak:

Zebak will attack players with all three combat styles. Pray Mage when he summons the mage ball; pray Ranged for the boulder attack; if you fight him with Melee, then pray Melee.

He has three special attacks:

Wave - He will summon some waves to attack players. Standing in the gaps can avoid injury.

Poison - He will spread out the poison balls. Walk away from them.

Lighting - He will damage you with the lighting. Be careful of your hitpoints.


Path Challenge

Take a hammer and the potions at the entrance. When the message 'You sense an issue with the roof supports' (big red bottles will appear in the holes) appears in your chat box, repair one of the supports in the corners with a hammer.

When the message 'You sense an issue somewhere in the room.' (big red bottles will appear in front of the pillars) Run to the hole with a big red bottle, and pour the green potion into it.

Kill the monsters throughout the path.

Defeat Ba-ba:

Ba-ba attacks players with Melee and special attacks. Pray Melee protect. While fighting against Ba-ba, some low-level monsters will attack you. Kill them.

He has five special attacks:

Rolling balls - He will knock players back and throw some rolling balls at you. One of them is different from the other four. Attack it and stand on the path of it to avoid injury.

A large boulder - He will throw a large boulder at you. Run away from the landing place.

A small boulder - He will throw a small boulder at you. Standing next to the large boulder will reduce the damage, or it will hurt you badly.

The blood-like attack - You will find some blood-like things on the ground. Walk away from them, or they will hurt you.

Area attack - He will summon some dark stones within an area and attack. Run away from it to avoid injury.


Path Challenge

You need to solve some puzzles to complete the task. Some Scarabs will attack you with ranged while you are solving the puzzles.

There are five puzzles:

Find the orders - There are six pillars, one is light, and the others are dark. Hit the dark ones to make them light in orders. If you hit the wrong one, all pillars will be dark again, and some stone balls will fall. Run away to avoid injury.

Light the pressure plates - Light all the pressure plates by walking on them. You can flip them with 20 hitpoints for each.

Maths - You will find an Ancient tablet and some strange symbols on the ground. Inspect the Ancient tablet for a number. Light these symbols (stand on them) and let them add up to get the number. You will be hurt if the sum is greater than the number.

Matches - You have to find the same symbols and open them at the same time. It's easy to complete.

Follow the Sequence - Push the ancient button to light up the tiles in a specific order. Watch carefully, and step on them correctly one by one without stepping on other tiles.

Defeat Kephri

She will attack you with fireballs. Walk away from the landing place of the balls to avoid injury.

She has three two attacks:

Dung wall - She will throw you back and summon a dung wall. You cannot go through it.

Eggs - She will spread out some eggs toward you. Walk away from the landing places of the eggs.

Kill Kephri four times to defeat her.


Path Challenge

In the challenge, you need to kill Het's seal. But the seal is protected by a strange force. You must weaken it before you can deal damage to it.

Take a pickaxe from the statue and pick up the mirrors (only three of them are pickable).

Break the barrier with your pickaxe. Use the mirrors to find a solution to make the white light attack Het's seal. After breaking the protection, destroy it.

Be careful with the dark orbs and the white light. They will hurt you.

Defeat Akkha

Akkha can attack players with all three combat styles, and he will use two prayer protections alternately, which means you can only deal damage to it with one combat style at a time. You must bring all three combat equipment and weapon to fight against it.

He will summon four shadows during the fighting. You can kill one of them to continue fighting.

He will perform a special attack when he switches the prayer and attack style. Focus on the lighting orders of the four symbols and run to the symbols one by one to the void of hurt.

His shadows also perform the special attack. But you can stand in the shadow area where you killed to avoid damage.

In the end, he will stand in the places where his shadows are (he will change his position) while summoning many white balls to hurt you. Run through the balls and kill him.

After defeating all four bosses, you will encounter the final bosses: Elidinis' Warden and Tumeken's Warden. Kill them to complete the raid.

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