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OSRS Quest - Tree Gnome Village Guide


Tree Gnome Village is an OSRS quest in that you help the Tree Gnomes retrieve the lost Orbs of protection to save the Spirit tree. After the quest, you can use the Spirit tree to teleport to some locations in the game.


None, but you must have the ability to kill a level 112 Khazard warlord.


Prepare the following items before starting the quest:

Cut or buy 6 normal logs.

Have some Stamina/Energy potions, food, and other items for combat.

Have the combat equipment depending on your attack style.

A Ring of dueling.


Tree Gnome Village maze

1. Teleport to the Nightmare Zone (use the grouping teleport) or the Castle wars (ring of dueling).

2. Head to the maze entrance.

3. Follow the path to the end and squeeze through the loose railing.

4. Head east and talk to King Bolren (quest start icon on the minimap). (Chat 1-1)

Tree Gnome Village locations

5. Talk to Commander Montai (with a red hat) next to the Catapult, northeast of the maze entrance. (Chat 1)

6. Talk to him again and give him the 6 normal logs.

7. Talk to him once more. (Chat 2)

8. Talk to three tracker gnomes. You can start with tracker 2 and end with tracker 3.

9. Return to the ballista (like a bow), north of the maze entrance. Click it and enter the third coordinate (try all options if you don't know which is correct).

10. Talk to Commander Montai again and head to the building where you found Tracker gnome 1. Climb over the crumbled wall.

11. Open the door and climb up the ladder (ignore the guard).

12. Open the chest (northeast corner) and search for the Orb of protection.

13. Climb down the ladder and leave the building with the door next to the ladder.

14. Head back to the maze entrance. Right-click on Elkoy and select follow.

15. Squeeze through the loose railing and talk to King Bolren. (Chat 1)

16. Head to Khazard warlord, south of the underground pass. Talk to him and kill him for the Orbs of protection.

17. Head back to King Bolren and talk to him to complete the quest.


2 Quest points

11,450 Attack experience

Use of spirit trees for transportation

The Gnome amulet

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