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OSRS ToA - Path of Scabaras Challenge Puzzles and Solutions


The Tombs of Amascut, the third raid in OSRS, has launched for almost one week. It's a new challenge for all players. And do remember that you must have completed the OSRS quest Beneath Cursed Sands to participate in the raid.

When challenging a raid, many players are confused with the puzzles of the Path of Scabaras Challenge room. Let's talk about it today.

There are five puzzles in total in the challenge room. After completing all of them, you can continue your way to fight against the boss, Kephri.

Note: Scarabs will respawn and attack players during the first two sets of puzzles. Turn on the Protect from Missiles and complete them as quickly as possible. We do not recommend killing them because they will respawn in a short time.

Puzzle 1 - Hit to Light Up the Obelisks in Orders

In this puzzle, you will find six pillars, one of which is bright, and the others are dark. All you have to do is hit the dark obelisks in the correct order and light them up. If you hit the wrong obelisk, some rocks will drop. Walk away from the landing tiles to avoid damage.

Light up the second obelisk: Hit the dark obelisks to find out which is the second one.

Light up the third obelisk: When you have lit up the second obelisk, continue hitting the other dark ones to light up the third one. If you fail, try again by hitting the second one until you find out which is the third one.

Light up the others: Light up other obelisks as above.

Puzzle 2 - Light Up the Tiles in Orders

You will find nine tiles marked with symbols in the puzzle. Push the ancient button to make some of them light up in a specific order. Step on the correct tiles by following the orders without stepping on other tiles. You will take some damage if you step on the wrong titles.

If you forget the orders, you can push the ancient button again to reset it.

Puzzle 3 - Light Up the Pressure Plates

You will find eight Pressure Plates marked with symbols in the puzzle, some of which are bright, and the others are dark. Step on them to light up all of the plates.

Note: Stepping on one tile will cause adjacent tiles to shut off. You can also right-click on the pressure plates and select the 'flip' option to light them by taking 20 damage for each (we don't recommend it).

Puzzle 4 - Add the Numbers Up to the Given One

In this puzzle, you will find 25 symbols, each representing a number. Inspect the ancient tablet to check the number. Then step on the symbols to light them up, making the sum equal to the given number you checked.

You can complete this puzzle according to the following solution (player facing east):

osrs toa Path of Scabaras Challenge Solutions

Puzzle 5 - Match the Symbols

You will find ten hidden symbols on the tiles of both boards (five on each side). Find the same symbols on both sides to complete the puzzle. You should have to run to both sides to complete it if you are soloing. If you have party members, at least two players are required to complete it, one on each side.

We suggest that one player flip over a tile and don't move. Let the other person find the right one to match until you complete it.

Thank you for reading.

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