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OSRS Tombs of Amascut Raid Rewards Introduction


osrs raid 3 tombs of amascut reward chest

After defeating the final boss, a white teleport crystal will appear. Click it to get into Osmumten's burial chamber, the reward room with several reward chests. Open your chest for rewards.

Please note that you must have completed the OSRS quest Beneath Cursed Sands to participate in the raid to get the rewards.

osrs raid 3 tombs of amascut levels

Relationship Between Raid Levels and Rewards

Before talking about the rewards, we will introduce the raid levels first because a higher level equals greater rewards.

There are three raid modes (according to raid levels): Entry (0-149), Normal (150-299), and Expert(300-600).

In the Entry mode, you can only get the untradeable rewards from level 0 to level 49. And if the raid level is higher than 49 (50-149), you will have a chance to get the Lightbearer and Osmumten's Fang.

You will get all rewards in the Normal and Expert modes. The higher the raid level you complete, the richer the rewards you will get.

Rewards Upon Completing the Raid

There are three kinds of rewards you can get from completing a raid:


The unique tradable items are in the pre-roll drop table:

Osmumten's fang

Tumeken's shadow (uncharged)

Elidinis' ward


Masori mask

Masori body

Masori chaps

Fossilised dung is also a pre-roll drop if you gain no reward points after completing a raid.

If you receive one of the items listed above, you will no longer receive the common reward items. But tertiary reward items are still obtainable.

Common Rewards

You will get these rewards commonly because the unique items are rare. The list is as follows:

Coins: 1,126–18,920)

Cache of runes: 1-2

Blood essence: 1-2

Death rune: 57–810

Soul rune: 28–386

Ranarr seed: 1–9

Toadflax seed: 1-13

Snapdragon seed: 1–14

Torstol seed: 1-10

Magic seed: 1-2

Coconut milk: 1–16 (noted)

Cactus spine: 1–25 (noted)

Potato cactus: 4–76 (noted)

Lily of the sands: 1–18 (noted)

Raw shark: 4–59 (noted)

Raw manta ray: 2–44 (noted)

Mahogany logs: 6–94 (noted)

Sapphire: 5–72 (noted)

Emerald: 4–69 (noted)

Ruby: 3–54 (noted)

Diamond: 2–43 (noted)

Dragonstone: 1–48 (noted)

Gold ore: 12–194 (noted)

Gold bar: 4–66 (noted)

Dragon med helm: 1–6 (noted)

Dragon dart tip: 11–188

Battlestaff: 1–27 (noted)

You can get all the items listed above at any raid level. The higher the raid level, the higher quantities.

Compared with the rewards of the other two raids, the value seems slightly inferior.

Tertiary rewards

All tertiary rewards are untradable items:

Thread of elidinis

Eye of the corruptor

Jewel of the sun

Breach of the scarab

Clue scroll (elite)

Tumeken's guardian pet

osrs raid 3 tombs of amascut future rewards

Future Rewards

Some Ornament kits will be available to obtain in the future update:

Ornament kit for Ava's assembler

Ornament kit for the Max cape

Ornament kit for Elidinis' ward

Ornament kit for Osmumten's fang

That's all for today. Thank you for reading.

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