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OSRS ToA - Challenge Rooms of Paths of Crondis, Het, & Apmeken


Have you tried the OSRS new raid, Tombs of Amascut? If you want to challenge it, you should complete the OSRS quest Beneath Cursed Sands to gain access to the Jaltevas Pyramid at the Necropolis.

Today we want to introduce the other three path challenges: Path of Crondis, Path of Het, & Path of Apmeken.

Path of Crondis

Once you enter the challenge room, you will find a Palm of Resourcefulness (in the center), two water containers (on the ground), and four waterfalls (in the four corners). You need to take a water container and collect the water from the waterfall, and water the palm tree to make it fully grown.

Some Crocodile Statues protect the waterfalls, attacking players with long spikes and poison. Watch before running (keep running back and forth) to the waterfall, and choose the ways with no poison spawns. Each hit will reduce the water in your container by 50%.


Each waterfall will be dry after you have collected the water from it. It will take some time to respawn.

Crocodiles will spawn and attack the palm tree. Kill them if necessary.

Once the palm tree is fully grown, you complete the challenge.

Path of Het

In this challenge room, you will find a statue at the entrance and two on both sides of the room. Take a bronze pickaxe from them if you don't take your higher-tier one. You can also store your pickaxe at the statues for later use. Higher-tier pickaxe deals more damage to Het's Seal.

Het's Seal is in the center of the room. A statue is shooting white energy beams. Take the mirrors (one in the northeast corner, one in the northwest corner, and one in the southwest corner). You can right-click on them to check if you can take them or not.

We should find a way to redirect the beam to shoot the shielded statue next to the Seal by placing and rotating the mirrors. If the barriers block the beam, break them with your pickaxe.

Once the beam shoots the shielded statue, run to the Seal and try to destroy it with your pickaxe.

Note: The beam and orbs of darkness will hurt you. Please take care to avoid them.

Repeat and destroy the Seal's shield to 0 to complete the challenge.

Path of Apmek

Take a hammer and 100 Neutralising potions at the start of the challenge.

There are two kinds of challenges: random events and killing Baboons.

Random Events

Roof supports - When you see the red bottles appear in front of the Roof supports, run to one of them and repair it with a hammer (all players should do it).

Floor vents - Once the red bottles appear on the holes, run to one of them, step into the center of the hole and pour the Neutralising potion by clicking it (all players should do it).

Corruption (group only) - When the event occurs, all players stand on the same tile, and the player with Apmeken's Sight pours a Neutralising potion.

Killing Baboons

There are seven types of Baboons spawning in eleven waves. We suggest you kill Baboon Throwers, Baboon Mages, Baboon Shamen, Volatile Baboons, and Cursed Baboons with Melee or Ranged while turning on protect from Melee if you are soloing.


Please pay attention to random events when killing Baboons.

Cursed Baboons will walk around the room, dripping venom pools. If you are standing on them, they will poison you. Then drink a dose of Anti-venom+.

Volatile Baboons will explode when they reach you, dealing heavy damage in a 3x3 AoE around it.

When the events occur, complete them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will take damage.

Repairing the roof with no issues will also hurt you.

That's all for today. Happy raiding!

The RSBee Team


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