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OSRS ToA - Everything You Need to Know About Kephri


Today we will talk about Kephri, Guardian of Scabaras, the boss of Path of Scabaras. We suggest you fight against him with the Keris partisan, a reward melee weapon from the OSRS quest Beneath Cursed Sands. Drink a dose of Super combat potion before starting teleporting to the boss room.

Basic Attacks

Kephri launches fireballs toward you throughout the battle. You will find the shadows of the Fireballs on the tiles. You can move to another tile quickly before the Fireballs fall to avoid taking damage.

Note: If you move too early, the fireball will fall on the tile you are on. Observe if the tile has a shadow or not before moving.

Special Attacks

Kephri has two special attacks: Dung Strike and Mass Incubation.

Dung Strike - Kephri will knock you back and drop a dung wall to block the way.

Before she launches the attack, some flies will buzz around you. If you have some team members, you'd better gather together to focus all the dung on one location.

Click to move away quickly from the dung wall once the attack happens.

Mass Incubation - Kephri will launch some eggs all over the area, and the eggs will explode in a 3x3 area later. Stay away from the eggs because the explosion will hurt you. The Agile Scarabs spawn after the exploding. Ignore the eggs and turn on the Protect from Missiles prayer when Agile Scarabs spawn.

Fight Overview (Solo)

You should attack Kephri to deplete her shield three times before you face her. Move to avoid her Fireballs throughout the battle. Drink a dose of Super combat potion and Antidote++, and activate the prayer of Piety before teleporting to her room. Pay attention to your prayer drain and health during the whole battle. Drink your Prayer or Super restore potion and Sradomin brews if necessary.

The first shield - Keep attacking her with Piety is on. If the eggs explode, turn on the Protect from Missiles prayer when Agile Scarabs spawn.

Once you deplete her first shield:

A Spitting Scarab will spawn, attack you with ranged, and poison you. That's why we drank the Antidote++ before the fight. Kill it.

Many Scarab swarms will spawn to recover Kephri's shields (ignore them).

Bomber Scarabs will spawn, attacking you like Kephri's Fireballs. Move to other tiles quickly to avoid taking damage when you see the shadows on the floor.

The second shield - Once the shield recovers, Kephri will attack you again. And Bomber Scarabs will no longer spawn. Keep attacking her with Piety & Protect from Missilesis are on.

Once you deplete her second shield:

Scarab swarms and Bomber Scarabs will spawn again, recovering Kephri's shields and attacking you.

An Arcane Scarab with color wings will spawn in the corner, charging up an explosive swarm (red colour) around it. Kill it first. Otherwise, it will unleash the swarm and deal massive amounts of damage to you once fully charged. It may move to another corner and charge again from the beginning.

A Soldier Scarab will spawn, attack you will melee. Kill it after the Arcane Scarab. Otherwise, it will hurt you and heal Kephri in the next battle.

Pay attention to Bomber Scarabs and your prayer drain & health.

The third shield and the final battle - Move and attack Kephri as before. Once you deplete her final shield, she will perform a Dung Strike immediately. Kill her to complete the challenge.

Kephri's Invocations

There are five invocations to make it more challenging to fight with Kephri. And the invocations will increase your raid level.

Lively Larvae (+10 raid level) - More eggs launched in the Mass Incubation attack will hatch Agile Scarabs.

More Overlords (+10 raid level) - Add a Soldier Scarab during the first shield charging phase and a Spitting Scarab during the second shield charging phase.

Blowing Mud (+10 raid level) - Kephri's dung special attack will be twice as potent.

Medic! (+15 raid level) - Scarab swarms will continue to spawn and recover Kephri's shield during the battle.

Aerial Assault (+10 raid level) - Kephri's main attack (the Fireballs) will do significantly more damage, and AoE increases from 1x1 to 3x3. So does the Bomber Scarabs' attack.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading.

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