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The Cheapest OSRS Firecape Service on RSBee


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The Firecape is the second-best cape for melee. You must complete the TzHaar Fight Cave to obtain it.

In the minigame, you must survive all 63 waves of TzHaar Fight Caves and defeat TzTok-Jad in the final wave.

It will take hours to complete it. For many players, it is not cost-effective to spend so long trying. Once you die at Jad, all your efforts are in vain.

The Cheapest OSRS Firecape Service

At RSBee, our professional gamers will help you get the Firecape in 2-4 hours and only charge you 15M OSRS gold coins (for main accounts) as the service fee.

How to Buy the OSRS Firecape Service

1. Check the Firecape services list and select a service according to your account stats.

2. Place an order, and prepare the supplies as described.

3. Contact our live chat help to pay for it or leave the gold coins in your inventory.

4. Tell us your login information via the live chat help or by sending us an email ([email protected]).

5. Leave the rest to us.

100% Obtaining and 100% Security Guarantee

We guarantee that we will get you the Firetape and your account security. We don't need your bank pin.

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Once you get your Firecape, buy a Trouver parchment on the Grand Exchange, and withdraw 500,000 gold coins to Perdu to lock it. By doing so, you will not lose it in death, unbroken, even if you die at level 20 Wilderness or higher.

You can find Perdu in the following locations:

Lumbridge - South tower of the castle gate

Catherby - In the house north of the bank

Edgeville - The 2nd floor of the general store (inside the bank on PvP and BH worlds)

Falador - The 2nd floor of the general store

Ferox Enclave - By the bank chest

Thank you for choosing RSBee.

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