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OSRS ToA - Everything You Need to Know About Ba-Ba


Today we will talk about Ba-Ba, the Boss of Path of Apmeken. We suggest you fight against her with Melee or Ranged. Be attentive to her special attack, which will cause you massive damage. In some videos, you may see someone wearing a salve amulet when fighting against Ba-Ba, but it gives no damage bonus because she is not an undead monster.


The Keris partisan, rewarded from the OSRS quest Beneath Cursed Sands, doesn't work well when fighting against Ba-Ba. You'd better bring another higher-tier Melee weapon.

Basic Attacks

Ba-Ba uses Melee throughout the battle. You can turn on the Protect from Melee prayer to avoid taking damage.

Special Attacks

Ba-Ba has four special attacks: Shockwave, Rockfall, Baboon's Discharge, and Rolling Stones.

Shockwave - Ba-Ba will stop attacking you with the Melee attack for a second and prepare to strike the ground hard, indicated by a shadow on the ground, spreading in a cross-shaped pattern and causing a 5x5 AOE attack. Click to run away quickly to avoid taking damage. If you are in the AOE area, the damage you have taken depends on where you stand, decreasing from the center to the edge.

Rockfall & Large Rock - Ba-Ba will launch large rocks from above at random places in her room. And these rocks will damage you if not avoided. Click to move away to avoid taking damage. Then always stay next to one of the landed rocks because Ba-Ba will throw a large rock at you after the rockfall, which deals massive damage. Standing next to it will make it absorb ~94% of the damage, so less damage you will take.


Sometimes, Ba-Ba will perform the Shockwave after throwing the large rock at you. Be careful!

If you are in a team, all members should stand next to different rocks. For example, if your team has two members, you should stand next to each. If your team has three members, one player stands next to the rock with half health, and the other two should stand next to the rock with max health. If the number of players in your team is even, divide equally.

Baboon's Discharge - Ba-Ba will summon two baboons, level 77 monsters that will attack you with Ranged. Kill them if possible. Otherwise, the baboon may attack the sarcophaguses on both sides of the room to make them open. If opened, they will throw red energy into the surrounding area, damaging you if you stand on them. Leave away from the opened sarcophaguses to avoid standing on them.

Rolling Stones - Ba-Ba will knock you back to the bottom of her room and throw rolling stones toward you when she reaches 66% and 33% in health. There are five stones in a row, one of which looks different from the others. Attack to destroy it with Randed because you can only hit a max hit with Ranged. After attacking it, move quickly to its track and start to attack the next one. Repeat to destroy all of them. If these stones hit you, they will knock you back and damage you.


You can deal more damage at a long range with a higher-tier bow or crossbow.

You can turn off your prayer while Ba-Ba is throwing the rolling stones.

Ba-Ba's Invocations

There are five invocations to make it more challenging to fight with Ba-Ba. And the invocations will increase your raid level.

Mind the Gap! (+10 raid level) - If Ba-Ba knocks you back to the pit at the entrance, you will die. Remember to move to any side (with the sarcophaguses) of the area when her health is close to 66% and 33%.

Gotta Have Faith (+10 raid level) - The red energy from the sarcophaguses will deal bonus damage according to how many prayer points you are losing.

Jungle Japes (+5 raid level) - The baboons (summoned in Baboon's Discharge) will leave a banana peel after death. It will stun you for three seconds and deal a small amount of damage.

Shaking Things Up (+10 raid level) - The AOE of Shockwave increases from 3x3 to 5x5.

Boulderdash (+10 raid level) - The rolling stones will spawn faster.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading.

The RSBee Team


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