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The Easiest Method to Kill OSRS Zulrah with RuneLite


Many players don't know how to kill Zulrah because its locations and attack styles will change during the battle. You may have tried many times and paid a lot of OSRS gold coins (100K per death). You may have seen many guides and videos, but you still can't kill it in the end. Today we will write an easy-to-learn guide for you.


You must have completed the OSRS quest Regicide.

You must speak with High Priestess Zul-Harcinqa before boarding the boat to Zulrah.

A higher Magic or Ranged level (you can only damage it with Magic or Ranged).

Use of RuneLite game client; download and install it if you don't have it yet.


80+ Hitpoints, Ranged and Magic

70+ Defense

45+ Prayer for using Eagle Eye and Mystic Might

Unlock the use of Fairy Rings after starting the Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen quest and getting permission from the Fairy Godfather.

Gear Setup and Inventory

We suggest you use both Ranged and Magic to kill it if you cannot afford high-tier armour and weapons. The following gear setup and inventory are recommended for starters.


Mystic robes or better

Farseer helm or better

Amulet of fury

Any Imbued god cape or god cape

Trident of the seas (charged)

Book of darkness (completion of Horror from the Deep quest) or Mage's book

Diamond bolts (e) (when using a Crossbow) or any God blessing

Combat bracelet or better

Boots of brimstone or better

Ring of recoil or Ring of suffering (r) (you can buy it on Grand Exchange and charge it with noted recoil rings)


Toxic blowpipe (adamant dart or better) or Rune Crossbow or better

Ava's device

Black d'hide body and chaps or better

Prayer potion, Ranging potion, Anti-venom+, and Magic potion (or Imbued heart if you can afford it) with four doses.

Ring of dueling for Ferox Enclave teleport to restore your stats (or house teleport if using Ornate rejuvenation pool)

Zul-andra teleport; or the Quest cape (or Necklace of passage) and a Dramen staff for using Fairy rings (code: b j s) if you have 76 (or 71 with summer pie) Agility.

Food like Monkfish or betters and Karambwan for combo eating

How to Enable Zulrah Helper Plugin

Open the sidebar and click the Configuration icon.

Search "Zulrah" and enable it. We suggest you use the default setting.

You will see a Zulrah icon at the bottom of the sidebar. Click it to open.

You will see some images of the positions of Zulrah (the green, red, and blue dots), what protection prayers (the prayer icons) you should use, and where (marked with X) you should stand.

You can reset it by clicking the double arrows at the right of the Zulrah Helper title.

It shows the current phase (marked the border with green lines) because Zulrah will always start to attack you with Ranged.

After a short while, it will change to the second phase. Activate your protection prayer first according to the attacks of Zulrah, and select the current phase by clicking the image (it will show more phases in the following).

Follow the helper to the last phase.

If you cannot kill it after selecting all the pictures, click the double arrow to reset all phases.

We have made a video for you. Please watch it to learn more.

Notes and Tips

We suggest you practice running to the positions, switching prayers, and switching equipment first.

Switch prayers first, then the armour!

Zulrah will poison you during the battle. Drink a dose of Anti-venom+ to avoid damage.

The Snakelings will deal massive damage. Be careful of your health!

If you are standing on Venom clouds, move away from them quickly!

The melee form of Zulrah will perform a melee attack on you when it faces you. Move away from your current position.

The mage form of Zulrah will attack you with Ranged sometimes. Ignore them and eat if necessary!

If you see two protect prayer icons in an image. The left one is the first to activate and switch to another when Zulrah performs the current attack (like Jad attacks). Switch 9 times, then run to the next position.

Activate the Ranged protection prayer after resetting the phases during the battle.

You can mark the ground with the Ground Marker plugin (shift + right-click to select mark or unmark).

We hope this blog can help you.

The RSBee Team


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