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OSRS ToA - Everything You Need to Know About Akkha


Akkha is the Boss of Path of Het. You need to use all three attack methods to fight against him because he always has protection prayers activated against two attack styles. Today will introduce how he attacks players and how to defeat him.

Note: The Keris partisan, rewarded from the OSRS quest Beneath Cursed Sands, doesn't work well when fighting Akkha, and a higher-tier melee weapon with a high stab bonus would be more efficient.

Basic Attacks

Akkha uses all three attack methods throughout the battle. You can switch the protection prayers to avoid taking damage.

By default, Akkha will always attack you with melee, ranged, and magic in order, and he will circle it until the final phase.

In the final phase, he will no longer attack you with basic attacks.

Special Attacks

Akkha has four special attacks: Memory Blast, Trailing Orbs, Moving orbs, and Detonate.

Memory Blast - Akkha will use Memory Blast every seven hits or in one minute if he cannot hit you seven times. He will change his protection prayers and slam his spear to the ground whenever he changes attack methods.

Note: You can kite him at the start of the battle and attack him with magic outside his melee range until he summons his shadows.

When the special attack occurs, Akkha will disappear, and the symbols (fire, skull, lightning, and ice) will glow in order randomly. Remember the order and move to each area (divided with a big X) in the order.

Note: The next glowing symbol will only be adjacent to the current one.

If you are not standing in the correct quadrant, you'll take heavy damage and suffer from the quadrant's side effects when the blasts come out.

Side Effects

Fire - Akkha's basic attacks will inflict a bleed periodically, dealing 5 damage for several hits, and spread to unaffected members when you move next to them if you are in a team.

Shadow - Akkha's basic attacks will deal low but rapid damage to you.

Lightning - Akkha's basic attacks will damage and temporarily disable your protection prayers.

Ice - Akkha's basic attacks will damage and temporarily slow your attack speed by 1 tick (0.6 seconds).

Akkha will summon 4 shadows every time he loses 20% of his health, making him become invulnerable to all attacks. You have to defeat a shadow to continue fighting with him when it happens. And the shadows will also charge a Memory Blast before you defeat one of them. The hourglasses (on the wall, if you cannot see them, zoom your camera) will show the progress. Standing in the area of the defeated shadow will protect you from harm.

Remember to defeat one of the shadows as soon as possible once you see them before the hourglasses are full.

Trailing Orbs - Akkha will summon orbs (according to which symbol area you are in) in a trail behind you as you move around his arena. If you move to these orbs, they will explode and hurt you. Stand still or leave away from them to avoid taking any damage.

Moving orbs - Akkha will restore 20% of his health once you deplete his health in the first phase. And he will summon more and more orbs, moving around the area, which will damage you if they reach you. Evade avoiding taking damage. You can also use the magic protection prayer to mitigate the damage slightly. We don't suggest you use the Redemption prayer because it will not prevent lethal damage.

In the final phase, you can only attack Akkha with melee. And he will summon all four defeated shadows and occupy one of them at a time. He will switch to another after taking 3 hits (0 hits are not counted). You can use the special attack of dragon claws because it can deal lots of damage with two hits.

Detonate (in a team raid) - Akkha will mark all players for detonation if you are in a team. All your team members should stand in different rows or columns or on the same tile to avoid taking damage.

Akkha's Invocations

There are four invocations to make it more challenging to fight with Akkha. And the invocations will increase your raid level.

Double Trouble (+20 raid level) - Akkha will perform two special attacks at once (Memory Blast & Trailing Orbs if you are soloing; two of Detonate, Memory Blast, and Trailing Orbs if you are in a team).

Keep Back (+10 raid level) - Akkha's ranged and magic attacks will also deal melee damage if you are next to him.

Stay Vigilant (+10 raid level) - Akkha will randomly switch between attack styles and protection prayers.

Feeling Special? (+15 raid level) - The Detonate attack will trigger in more directions (not in solo). The Memory Blast attack will only provide two ticks for players to move between safe quadrants. The Trailing Orbs attack spawns an additional orb two tiles in front of the player.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading.

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