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Possible Map Solutions for OSRS Crack the Clue 3


OSRS Crack the Clue 3 has begun. We can now see the four clues have been released on OSRS's official website. It is said that there are no hard requirements to solve the clues. There should be no OSRS quests and skills requirements.

Crack the Clue 3 Scrolls

Unlike the previous two events, all clues were released at the same time rather than released weekly. There are some tree symbols, emotes, cross signs, and letters in each scroll.

osrs crack the clue 3 srcolls

Possible Mape Solutions

A player compared the world map with the scrolls and thought that the tree symbols corresponded to the locations of the rare trees. We have verified and made a new comparison map. You can check them below.

osrs crack the clue 3 srcolls

You can click the image to enlarge it in a new window.

The Emotes and Letters

We can confirm that you need to do some emotes to solve these clues. But what are the other requirements? What do these letters represent? Are they the initial of some items? Or some NPCs? Or put them together? It may take a long time to crack these clues.

Crack the Clue 1 took over a year to solve, and Crack the Clue 2 was solved in a couple of days. How long does it take before these new clues are solved? Days? Weeks? Months? Maybe longer because this one is set to be the hardest one yet.

Here is an interesting question: What if it can't be solved all the time?

Good luck to everyone!

The RSBee Team


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