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OSRS Wilderness Boss Chaos Fanatic Guide


osrs Chaos Fanatic

Chaos Fanatic is an easy-to-kill wilderness boss in the OSRS game. You can find him west of the Lava Maze, south of the 44 Wilderness teleport obelisks.

Gear Setup & Inventory

Because his location is between KBD and Chaos Alter, it is usually the hot spot for PKers. We recommend that you do not use gear and items that are too valuable.

The most effective way to kill it is to use Ranged. The Better the gear, the higher the risk!

Recommended gear:

Archer helm or better

Black d'hide body, chaps & vambraces or better

Snakeskin boots or better

Amulet of glory (charged) or better

Ava's accumulator or better

Toxic blowpipe or Bow (with arrows), Crossbow (with bolts)

No ring or Archer ring

Bring one or two Ranging potions, three Prayer potions, a Ghorrock Teleport tablet (completion of the OSRS quest Desert Treasure), and the rest are curries.

Getting there

The fastest way to get there is using the Ghorrock Teleport. Then run south. If you haven't completed the Desert Treasure quest, you can teleport to the entrance of the Lava maze with a Burning amulet. Then run west.

Fight Against Him

Chaos Fanatic will attack you with Magic. During the fight, he will perform a special green magical attack that explodes and deal massive damage. You can run away to avoid taking the damage.

He can also disarm you, which is why we bring curry. If you have turned on the vial smashing after the OSRS miniquest Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl, you'd better turn it off by speaking to the Barbarian guard. Otherwise, you can also pick up his bones to keep your inventory having no space slot.

Pay attention to the PKers!

Turn on the Protect from Magic and start fighting against him. When you see the green attack, run away. He will talk when attacking you. Never mind what he is talking about, and keep attacking him.


He drops Odium shard 1 (1/256) and Malediction shard 1 (1/256) for the Odium ward and the Malediction ward (1/128 for any shard).

He also drops Battlestaff (noted), Splitbark body & legs, Ancient staff, Blood and Chaos runes, Sinister keys, Looting bag, and Pet chaos elemental, etc.

Bank (Leave the Wilderness)

Run east, open the gate with the lesser demons, climb down the ladder, and pull the lever to the KBD's lair (turn on the Protect from Magic). And teleport with your amulet of glory.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading.

The RSBee Team


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