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Recipe for Disaster (Complete All Chapters)

Recipe for Disaster (Complete All Chapters)

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  • Time: 25 hours


    Quests: 175 Quest Points, Cook's Assistant, Fishing Contest, Goblin Diplomacy, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Murder Mystery, Nature Spirit, Witch's House, Gertrude's Cat, Shadow of the Storm, Monkey Madness I, Desert Treasure, Horror from the Deep, Started Legends' Quest up until  gaining access to the Kharazi Jungle.

    Skills: Level 70 Cooking, Level 50 Firemaking, Level 48 Agility, Level 50 Mining, Level 53 Fishing, Level 53 Thieving, Level 25 Herblore, Level 59 Magic, Level 40 Smithing, Level 40 Ranged, Level 40 Crafting, Level 10 Fletching, Level 36 Woodcutting, Higher Combat level is recommended.


    In total, completing all 10 subquests for "Recipe for Disaster" awards:

    1,000 Slayer experience

    28,000 Cooking experience

    1,000 Farming experience

    3.500 Crafting experience

    1,000 Fishing experience

    1,000 Smithing experience

    2,500 Magic experience

    1,500 Woodcutting experience

    1,500 Ranged experience

    4,000 Hitpoints experience

    10,000 Agility experience

    An experience lamp, which grants 20,000 experience to any skill above 50 (can be banked for later use)

    Access to the following areas: Mogre Camp, Evil Chicken's Lair.

    Ability to dive for crabs.

    Ability to cook crab meat.

    Ability to catch Hell-Rats.

    Ability to own a hellcat.

    Ability to add coloured spices to stews of any sort.

    Ability to use the boat trip to travel between Karamja and Feldip Hills.

    Ape Atoll Teleport spell

    Full access to Culinaromancer's Chest.

    Access to Kitchen weaponry.

    Access to the banking chest (under Lumbridge Castle).

    Access to a food store in the Chest.

    Access to buy Barrows Gloves.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 10


Recipe for Disaster is the 100th quest released by Jagex, being a sequel to the Cook's Assistant quest. It is composed of 10 subquests, ranging in difficulty from very easy to very hard. It is intended to be a quest which nearly any member can start, but which only the most accomplished and willing players can complete.

The cook in Lumbridge has a surprisingly small number of ingredients on hand in his kitchen, possibly as a result of an endless stream of newcomers with light fingers, taking anything that isn't nailed down from his kitchen.

Luckily, in the past, a kind Cook's Assistant was willing to help him in his culinary duties, but a problem has now appeared that could spell... a Recipe For Disaster!

Almost all members may attempt to solve his tricky predicament, and be rewarded accordingly, but only the very elite of Questers will be able to put an end to his problem permanently!


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