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Cook's Assistant

Cook's Assistant

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 1 hours   

    Requirements: None

    Reward: 300 Cooking experience, Permission to use the Cook-o-matic 100, which reduces the chance of burning some foods.

    Quest points gained upon completion:  1


Cook's Assistant is the first RuneScape quest ever released. In the quest, the player must obtain a bucket of milk, an egg, and a pot of flour for the Cook of Lumbridge Castle who is running low on time to make a birthday cake for Duke Horacio.

This quest was one of the six available during RuneScape's launch, and was originally developed by Paul Gower.

The bucket respawns next to the cow and there is a pot respawn inside the windmill.If you have already completed the quest without receiving the updated rewards, you can talk to Chef and get 500 gp and 20 sardines.


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