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What's the Upcoming Raid in OSRS?


Do you like raids in OSRS? Which one do you like best? There are currently three raids in the game - the Chambers of Xeric (CoX), the Theatre of Blood (ToB), and the Tombs of Amascut (ToA). Each raid has its own charm that attracts players to take risks. Of course, it comes with generous rewards. Many players make tons of OSRS gold by camping the raids. If you haven't explored them yet, remember to give them a try.

New Raid?

Many players are calling for a new raid. Jagex lived up to expectations and introduced a mini raid related to new skills (Sailing) to players during the last game jam.

In the raid, you will meet the Cursed Serpent (Nahlu'kai), the Cursed Mermaid (Cleori), and The Cursed Crab (Eremit'i). All of them are under Nakahi's control. What you have to do is to kill them all to get unique rewards.

This raid is designed for mid to high-level players with a certain Sailing level. Like the other raids, there will be a lobby for players to group and prepare for the battles.

Unique Rewards?

After defeating all these bosses, you will have a chance to get some unique rewards.

Nahlu'kai's Robes: It's a new mid-level Sailing-themed Magic set, offering bonus Magic damage while attacking monsters at sea while wearing all pieces.

Serpent Staff: It's a new mid-level Staff with a new special attack.

Raid Cape: They are a new set of tiered capes, like these in CoX, ToB, and ToA.

Mermaid Figurehead: It's a figurehead modeled after Cleori. You can customise your ship with it.

Mermaid Flag: It's a mermaid-themed flag. You can use it to customise your ship.

Hermit Crab Shell Fragment: It's a tough crafting material. You can convert it into defensive plating for your ship.

Eremit'i Pet: It's a transmog for Nahlukai and Cleori.

Do you like the new raid? But it is just a project. Whether it can appear in the game is still unknown.

New OSRS skills, new quests, new gameplay, and more new game content - the OSRS team are working hard to meet the players' needs.

We are looking forward to a new raid.

The RSBee Team


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