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Killing Zombie Pirates - OSRS Money Making Method for Low-level Players


Today, we will introduce a low-required and stable OSRS money-making method - Killing Zombie Pirates. Remember that these pirates are in the Wilderness. So, don't bring more than three pieces of valuable weapons, gear, and items you don't want to lose.

Zombie pirate

You can find Zombie pirates at the Chaos Temple in the Wilderness. They are level 22 (22 hp), 28 (35 hp), and 34 (40 hp). They should be the ones who drop the best among low-level monsters in the game. You can find the details on the wiki page.

You'd better bring some nature and fire runes for casting High Level Alchemy on the rune items.


There are no requirements for killing Zombie pirates. But, you must have a level 37+ prayer to use 'protect from magic'. Also, high-level combat skills like ranged, magic, or attack and strength will make you kill the pirates faster.

Gear and Inventory

What gear you use depends on your combat stats. Bring the best weapon you can afford. Other equipment can be worn casually. Please note that if someone kills you, you can only keep 3 items or 4 if using Protect Item prayer.

Bring an amulet of burning for a fast teleport to the Chaos temple.

A teleport method for banking, such as a dueling ring or house teleport tablet.

Some high-level food to escape from the player's kill.

Nature and fire runes if you cast High Level Alchemy on the rune items.

Don't forget the looting bag. If you don't have one, no worries. You will get one from the pirates.

Also, you can bring some combat potions like super combat potion and ranging potion.

How to Get There

Just use the amulet of burning to teleport to the Chaos temple. Activate the Protect from Magic prayer, then run south a bit. You will find the Zombie pirates.

Do remember that Elder Chaos druids can teleblock you. We suggest you leave the temple when the teleblock time is lower than 30 seconds when you want to bank. Otherwise, run south and leave the wilderness.

There is an altar for restoring your prayer. So, there is no need to bring prayer potions.

Don't sell the keys. You can use them on the Zombie Pirate's Lockers on the zombie pirate ship.

Killing Zombie Pirates is a great way for low-level players to make OSRS Gold through combat skills.

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