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OSRS Twilight's Promise Quest Guide - Walkthrough and Video


Twilight's Promise is an OSRS Quest that guides you through the Civitas illa Fortis in Varlamore. You will unlock the Quetzal Transport System during the quest. Here is a complete guide.


You must have completed the Children of the Sun quest before you can start it. There are no skill requirements, but you must use two combat styles to kill a level 81 Knight of Varlamore.


Prepare the following items before starting:

One or two Varrock teleport tablets

Some Stamina Potions

Food and potions for low-level players

Two combat-style weapons (depending on your combat skills)


1. Teleport to the Varrock square and run to the east gate. Go a bit south and travel to Varlamore. If you haven't visited Varlamore before, talk to Regulus Cento.

2. Talk to Ennius or Furia Tullus, just west of Regulus Cento. (Chat 1)

3. Go straight to the south and enter the temple (alter icon on the map).

4. Talk to Metzli, Teokan of Ranul. (Chat 1)

5. Climb down the stairs to the west. And go through the gate.

6. Go northwest from the gate and talk to Prince Itzla Arkan or Servius, Teokan of Ralos, in the center of the area.

7. Go back and talk to Ennius or Furia Tullus. Now, you will find them inside the palace grounds. They will give you the Varlamore crest.

8. Go and find six Knights of Varlamore around the city.

Arrun and Claudia:

Go south to the bazaar. You will find two Knights of Varlamore there. Talk to any of them. Then, pickpocket the citizen in the sky blue robes for a Stolen amulet. Talk to the Knights again.


Go to the Fortis Cothon, northeast of the city. You will find the Knight in the southwest corner of the docks. Talk to her. Then, go northeast and search the crate between two fishing barrels and opposite a bench. Go back to the Knight and talk to her again.


Make your way to Fortis Colosseum. Go north to the training area when you are inside. Talk to the Knight there and fight him. Switch another weapon when he prays.

Velam and Azali:

Leave Fortis Colosseum, go west, south, then west out of the wall, to the pub. Talk to any of the two Knights. One of them will follow you after the chat. Lead her to the fountain to the east. Whenever she stops and says "Huh? That looks interesting..." talk to her to continue. A cutscene will play when she stands by the fountain. Watch the cutscene and finish the chat.

9. Go back and talk to Ennius and Furia.

10. Head to the Kualti Headquarters, southwest of the palace. Climb up the staircase in the northwest corner. Go east and climb up another staircase.

11. Go to the southeast room and open the chest to the south. You will find an Incriminating letter. Read it.

12. Go back and talk to Ennius and Furia.

13. Watch the cutscene and finish the chat.

14. Go and talk to Regulus Cento. (Chat 2)

15. Feed Renu, the eastern bird.

16. Select The Teomat as the destination.

17. Go to the Teomat temple and talk to Prince Itzla Arkan in the southern room.

18. Go to the northern room and talk to Metzli, Teokan of Ranul.

19. Kill all eight Cultists.

20. Watch the cutscene and finish the chat to complete the quest.


1 Quest point

Now you use the Civitas illa Fortis Teleport spell

Unlock the Quetzal Transport System

3,000 Thieving experience

We hope this guide can help you complete the quest easily.

The RSBee Team


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