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Dream Mentor

Dream Mentor

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  • Time: 4 hours


    Quests: Lunar DiplomacyEadgar's Ruse

    Skills: Level 85 Combat, The ability to defeat 4 powerful monsters without the use of prayer.


    15,000 Hitpoints experience

    10,000 Magic experience

    7 new spells added to your Lunar spells book (Monster Examine, Humidify, Hunter Kit, Stat Spy, Dream, Plank Make, Spellbook Swap).

    A dreamy lamp, which awards 15,000 experience in a combat skill of a player's choosing, apart from Attack and Prayer.

    'Birds-Eye' Jack will now allow you to use the bank without a seal of passage equipped or in your inventory.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Dream Mentor is a Fremennik Quest taking place on Lunar Isle. It revolves around helping an adventurer conquer his fear of combat using oneiromancy.

Gielinor is not the safest place to live - dragons, trolls, demons... dangerous and despicable monsters of all sorts roam free. In this quest, you must help a fellow adventurer that doesn't do so well against these threats. With perseverance and the magical help of the Moon Clan, there should be no monster that can't be beaten. But is that really true? How about the monsters in your dreams? How about your own inescapable fears? How would you defeat them? Well, you'll soon find out as a tough and often bizarre quest awaits those of a strong will!


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