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  • Time: 3 hours 


    Skills: Level 14 Herblore, Level 14 Magic, Level 15 Thieving, Level 25 Agility, Level 40 Mining, The ability to kill a Level 68 Ogre.


    15,250 Magic experience

    5,000 Coins

    A scroll, the reading of which gives you the ability to use Watchtower Teleport

    Access to the ogre city (and Ogre Enclave where you can fight blue dragons. You will not need an extra nightshade to enter after the quest is complete.)

    Quest points gained upon completion: 4


Watchtower is a quest about the conflict between Yanille and the ogres of Gu'Tanoth. It involves the restoration of the city's Watchtower so that it may defend itself against an ogre attack.

The Wizards of the Yanille Watch Tower have been reporting increased ogre sightings recently. Use a wide variety of your skills to help the wizards recover their stolen power crystals and stop the advance of the ogre hordes!


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