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The Great Brain Robbery

The Great Brain Robbery

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  • Time: 3 hours


    Quests: Creature of Fenkenstrain, Cabin Fever, Recipe For Disaster - Pirate Pete

    Skills: Level 16 Crafting, Level 30 Construction, Level 50 Prayer


    6,000 Prayer experience

    3,000 Crafting experience

    2,000 Construction experience

    Blessed lamp (Skills 5,000 experience in a chosen skill above level 30 and can be placed in your bank).

    Barrelchest anchor (To repair your barrelchest anchor, return to Mos Le'Harmless and make sure you have a book o' piracy in your inventory; then, go to the docks south of the bank and talk to "Smith." He can fix your anchor for 230,000 coins.)

    Prayer book

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


The Great Brain Robbery is the fourth quest in the pirate quest series. In the quest, you help a group of Saradominist monks from Harmony Island. Their once peaceful island has been taken over by a horde of zombie pirates, led by Mi-Gor, a very dangerous individual.

The peaceful contemplation of the monks of Harmony Island has been disturbed by such rude interruptions as an invasion of zombie pirates and the theft of their brains! The evil zombie pirates have returned with a new scheme, and it's up to you to try to re-mind these poor priests before the sinister Mi-Gor completes his experiments...


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