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The Dig Site

The Dig Site

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  • Time: 3.5 hours


    Skills: Level 25 Thieving, Level 10 Agility, Level 10 Herblore


    15,300 Mining exp

    2,000 Herblore exp

    2 gold bars

    Show the museum curator the Level 3 certificate to choose between something to drink (Fruit blast) or something to eat (chocolate cake). Get the cake for Desert Treasure or the fruit blast for recipe for disaster. Make sure that you go through the dialogue for each one that you give it or he will not give you a chance to pick which reward you want and you will receive nothing.

    The ability to do Varrock Museum specimen cleaning to obtain a Digsite pendant.

    The Ancient talisman can be viewed in the Digsite Exhibit at the museum on the ground floor.

    Previously granted the ability to choose the book of darkness after completion of Horror from the Deep.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


The Dig Site is the first quest in the Return of Zaros series. The Varrock Museum requires you to pass an exam to learn how to excavate the Digsite's ancient remains. As you explore the digsite, you uncover the mysteries of Saranthium, an ancient city and temple for the god Zaros.

Feeling uneducated? Desperate for buried treasure?

"There's gold in them there hills" (well stream actually) as well as many other items that can be found at the digsite. Join the students in their attempt to be a qualified archaeologist, and become experienced in making the earth move!

Have you got what it takes to unearth the hidden altar to one of RuneScape's lesser-known Gods?


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