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Tale of the Righteous

Tale of the Righteous

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    Quests: Client of Kourend

    Skills: Level 16 Strength, Level 10 Mining.

    Others: 20% Shayzien House favour


    8,000 coins

    Shayzien favour certificate. Reading it grants 10% Shayzien favour.

    A page for Kharedst's memoirs, 'History and hearsay.' It teleports players to the Graveyard of Heroes south-west of the Shayzien bank.

    Ability to fight the Corrupt Lizardman in the Nightmare Zone.

    3 Xerician fabric (dropped by Corrupt Lizardman)

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Tale of the Righteous is a quest announced on 21 March 2018[1] and polled in Old School Content Poll #58, which it passed. It follows the Client of Kourend in The Return of Xeric quest series.

The quest can be started by speaking with Phileas Rimor in his house just west of the The Cloak and Stagger tavern in Shayzien.

Over a thousand years ago, King Shayzien VII ordered an expedition to Mount Quidamortem. The expedition never returned and it was assumed that all members perished in the field. However, a recent discovery suggests this may not have been the case. Phileas Rimor is the descendant of the expedition leader and he is desperate to discover the truth. Join him and delve into a conspiracy a thousand years in the making in "Tale of the Righteous".


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