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Runner hat

Runner hat

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    Requirements: Level 40+ Attack, Strength and Defence, Rune Armour set and Scimitar or better gears, Games necklace, No cape on and no items in inventory

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The runner hat is a piece of members-only armour that requires 45 Defence and is rewarded from the Barbarian Assault minigame. Players with 275 Honour points in all four roles and who have killed the Penance Queen can purchase the hat from Commander Connad, located on the ground floor[UK] of the Barbarian Outpost.

Compared to other helmets requiring 45 Defence, the Runner hat lacks attack bonuses. The stats for the hat are closely similar to equipment requiring 40 Defence. The Runner hat provides a slightly higher magic defence bonus (+1) compared to the that of the rune full helm (-1), and lacks a negative attack bonus for ranged and magic. The runner hat has a weight of only 1 kg, whilst most other helmets weigh at least 2 kg if not more. It is mostly used by players who want to show their prestige in Barbarian Assault.


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