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Rum Deal

Rum Deal

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  • Time: 2 hours


    Quests: Zogre Flesh Eaters

    Skills: Level 40 Farming, Level 50 Fishing, Level 47 Prayer, Level 42 Crafting, Level 42 Slayer


    7,000 Fishing experience

    7,000 Prayer experience

    7,000 Farming experience

    The Holy wrench (while in your inventory, this grants more prayer points when drinking a prayer potion)

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Rum Deal is the second quest in the pirate quest series, centring around the task of getting the production of 'rum' restarted as a band of angry, protesting undead pirates stake out Braindeath Island.

Zombie pirates have arisen on Braindeath Island, and they don't look friendly! Production of 'rum' has stopped, and the pirate brewers are running scared. Can you overcome the horde of drunken, undead pirates? Can you even get to the island without getting a splitting headache?


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