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  • Time: 3.5 hours


    Quests: Icthlarin's Little Helper, The Giant Dwarf started to access to Keldagrim

    Others: You must have a cat or hellcat but not overgrown cats.


    4,500 Thieving experience

    A rat pole

    The ability to train overgrown cats into wily and lazy cats.

    The ability to name your wily or lazy cat (up to six letters long).

    Access to the Rat Pits.

    The ability to use the Grouping teleport to the rat pits in Port Sarim, Ardougne, Varrock, and Keldagrim.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Ratcatchers is a quest in which you help various people with rat-related problems. The quest introduces the Rat Pits, a collection of underground arenas where cats train and fight.

Gertrude knows of some ratcatchers in Varrock, pay her a visit and she may tell you of their whereabouts. Perhaps they could show you and your cat a few pointers about rat catching. Enter the subterranean world of the rat catchers and discover more of your cat’s true potential.


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