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Something Related to the Soul Wars Minigame in Old School RS


OSRS Soul Wars, a remake of the minigame in RS3, is a team minigame you can join in osrs. The minigame was released in RS3 on 10 February 2009. It's a popular minigame for players to gain zeal tokens to trade with Nomad for some rewards, especially for pure combat skillers, like Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Magic, Ranged and Prayer. Unlike the minigame in RS3, you can not exchange your zeal tokens for Slayer XP.

How to Get There and Join a Game

To join the minigame, you should have a total level of 500 and a combat level of 40 and switch to world 320, 350 or 535. Then go to the Soul Wars Area by using the Grouping teleport to Soul Wars, teleport to the outside of the Edgeville bank with Amulet of glory(x), and then run to the south to enter the Soul Wars Portal. 

Before playing the minigame, you must have completed the Soul Wars tutorial by talking to Nomad without bringing food, potions, capes, followers, and non-combat items. To play the game, each team must have at least 10 players in the lobby.

Play Soul Wars

When you are in the minigame, kill the opponents, heal other teammates, bury bones, sacrifice soul fragments, deal damage to the opposing team's Avatar. capturing graveyards or the soul obelisk to keep your activity bar from dropping to zero, otherwise, you will be kicked from the game. And also, you can gain reward zeals by doing these. Note that you can not get reward zeals by killing NPCs or destroying barricades.

Sou Wars Reward

You will receive a certain amount of Soul Wars Zeal Tokens based on your activity we mentioned above, whether your team wins or lose. But the players in the winning team gain more up to 60 zeal while the losing ones gain up to 40. If it's a draw, each team player will gain a max of 50 zeal. You can then exchange the zeal tokens for experience in any Level 30+ combat skill, upgrading items, blighted items, or unique items like Soul cape. Nomad can also upgrade the Soul cape with ammunition saving effects when Ava's devices or the max variants are used on him.

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