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RSBee is Recruiting - Work with Us to Get Paid by OSRS Gold Coins


Today we have good news for you. RSBee is recruiting. If you want to earn extra OSRS gold coins through efforts outside the game, welcome to work with us. Anyone can work with us together to get paid by OSRS gold coins.

About RSBee

As we said on our site, RSBee provides various OSRS Game services like Quest Help, Skill power leveling, Minigame items & currency, etc... Customers can only pay us with OSRS Gold instead of the real money when buying services from us. That means we don’t ask our customers for any personal information or phone numbers who buy from us. These are the differences between us and other OSRS Game service sites.

How Can You Work with Us

You can help us find more players who want to buy OSRS game services. By doing this, you can earn extra OSRS gold coins. The more players buy from us, the more gold coins you get.

Contact our 24/7 Live Chat Help to start your work. Our customer service staff will apply for a specific discount code for you. Then you can promote the discount code by putting it in your blogs, videos, Facebook and Twitter posts, and so on. By doing that, if someone places an order on RSBee with your discount code and the order has been completed, we will mark the order as the order we got through your efforts. Depending on the order amount, you can get up to 10% as a payment for each order.

How to Get Your Payment

We usually settle your payment at the end of each month. Then we will contact you via email for trading the OSRS gold in the game. Of course, you can ask for a settlement at any time.

We always welcome your consultation and cooperation! Visit the Work with Us or contact our Live Chat Help for more information. And you can also contact us via email: [email protected].

The RSBee Team


    We will serve you as industrious as bees, offering 24 hours service every day.

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