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Making Friends with My Arm

Making Friends with My Arm

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  • Time: 2 Hours


    Quests: My Arm's Big AdventureSwan SongCold WarRomeo & Juliet

    Skills: Level 66 Firemaking, Level 72 Mining, Level 35 Construction, Level 68 Agility (Higher Agility level is recommended.)


    2,000 Construction experience

    5,000 Firemaking experience

    10,000 Mining experience

    10,000 Agility experience

    Access to the Salt Mines.

    Ability to build fire pits.

    A new disease-free herb patch in Weiss (requires building the fire of nourishment before use).

    Ability to direct a teleport room portal to Troll Stronghold with a combination of salt.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Making Friends with My Arm is a master quest in the troll quest series that follows on from My Arm's Big Adventure. It was first announced during RuneFest 2016 on 17 September 2016 and polled on 15 August 2018 as part of the Raise your hands for My Arm? poll.

The quest involves travelling with My Arm to Weiss, a troll town just north-east of Trollweiss Mountain, to establish relations with the ice trolls who were driven out of the mines of Keldagrim by the Wise Old Man many years ago. However, My Arm must first woo the troll maiden Snowflake and kill the Wise Old Man.

My Arm, the troll from My Arm's Big Adventure, must embark on another journey of discovery. This time, you'll be escorting him to Weiss, a newly discovered troll town in the far north of the world, so he can share his wisdom *cough* with the inhabitants, in exchange for learning about their inventions. Life's journeys can take us to some strange places, but My Arm is about to face the greatest adventure of all - true love. Plus, they'd like him to kill the Wise Old Man of Draynor Village, which doesn't sound like a clever move. Can you help My Arm get a grip on the situation and woo the fair Snowflake over the objections of her father, Mother? Or will My Arm be left to a loveless life of loneliness?


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