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Land of the Goblins

Land of the Goblins

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  • Time: 2 hours


    Quests: Another Slice of H.A.M., Fishing Contest

    Skills: Level 38 Agility, Level 40 Fishing, Level 45 Thieving, Level 48 Herblore, Level 60 Combat


    8,000 Agility experience
    8,000 Fishing experience
    8,000 Thieving experience
    8,000 Herblore experience
    Access to the Goblin Temple (with an altar to recharge prayer points).
    Access to Yu'biusk, using fairy ring code blq.
    Ability to purchase Plain of mud spheres that transports you to the Goblin Cave.
    Ability to make goblin potions.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


The most ancient goblin legends speak of Yu'biusk, the far-off land that saw the origin of the goblin race. Now, one goblin has had a vision of this land and believes it is Zanik's destiny to lead all goblins to live there in peace and safety - but Zanik will not be able to realise her destiny without your help. Completion of Land of the Goblins is required for Hopespear's Will.


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