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Hazeel Cult

Hazeel Cult

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Quick Overview
  • Time: 1 hours

    Requirements: None


    1500 Thieving experience

    2000 coins (plus 5 from the fake ending if you sided with the Carnillean family)

    Hazeel's mark (if you sided with Hazeel)

    Carnillean armour (if you sided with Ceril and obtained an extra during the quest)

    5 Kudos, which can be claimed by talking to Historian Minas in the Varrock Museum.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Hazeel Cult is a novice quest that was released on 15 August 2002. It was the second quest to feature a Mahjarrat, and introduces Hazeel, a Zamorakian Mahjarrat that has been put into a state of torpor, and his followers are attempting to revive him in time for the next Ritual of Rejuvenation.

This quest is fairly unique in that it has two sides, a "good" side and an "evil" side, sharing this trait with Temple of Ikov, another Mahjarrat quest. In the "good" side, the player foils the cultists in their attempt to resurrect Hazeel, and in the "evil" side, the player joins the cult and assists them in resurrecting Hazeel.

Discover the truth behind the Carnillean family fortune. Decide for yourself whether to aid the Carnilleans in retrieving stolen goods, or join the Hazeel cult members in their mission to resurrect the infamous Lord Hazeel.


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