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Enlightened Journey

Enlightened Journey

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  • Time: 2 hours


    Quests: 20 Quest Points

    Skills: Level 20 Firemaking, Level 30 Farming, Level 36 Crafting


    2,000 Crafting experience

    3,000 Farming experience

    1,500 Woodcutting experience

    4,000 Firemaking experience

    The Bomber jacket and cap.

    Gnome goggles from the Gnome Restaurant minigame can be combined with the bomber cap by talking with Auguste.

    Access to the balloon transport system.

    Ability to make origami balloons.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Enlightened Journey is a quest in which you help the Entrana monk Auguste set up a hot air balloon transportation system.

On the peaceful island of Entrana, a lone monk has tired of his life of simplicity and quiet reflection. Auguste wants to boldly write his name in the history books; to craftily defeat the laws of physics; to miraculously sail through the air... preferably not to horribly explode into a ball of flaming death. Of course, to do all this, he'll need the help of a worldly adventurer: are you bold enough to merrily laugh in the face of the unknown?


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