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Barrows * 50

Barrows * 50

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  • Time: 20 hours


    Quests: Priest in Peril

    Skills: Level 60 Magic, Level 43 Prayer, Level 55 Slayer is recommended for using the Slayer's staff.

    Note: You should have some coombat rune, food and prayer potions some OSRS Gold in bank.


The Barrows minigame is an area-based combat minigame released on 9 May 2005. The minigame is named after the six burial mounds in which the Barrows brothers were entombed after their deaths during the Third Age.

During this minigame, players attempt to rob valuable items from the Barrows brothers' crypts. However, due to an ancient spell, the brothers' wights continued to dwell in the barrows, protecting these treasures.

Barrows is a popular minigame due to the potential of receiving valuable rewards, including the unique Barrows equipment. The objective is to defeat the six Barrows brothers and open the rewards chest.

Some  Combat Achievement tasks are also involve the Barrows Brothers.


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