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Angler's outfit

Angler's outfit

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  • Requirements: Level 15+ Fishing for playing Fishing Trawler


After completing a game of Fishing Trawler, pieces of the outfit may be found in the trawler net directly west of the boat. Players have a 1/12 chance of receiving a piece of the outfit that they do not currently own. The contribution bar must be at or above 50 when the game ends for a chance to receive a piece of the outfit.

It may also be obtained from aerial fishing, by purchasing it from Alry the Angler for a price of 100 Molch pearls per piece.

The angler's outfit is an experience-boosting clothing set that grants 2.5% additional experience when worn while participating in the Fishing skill. Bonus experience is not granted for random events, Experience lamps, or experience tomes. Equipping any item in the set requires 34 Fishing. Wearing it from level 34 to 99 will save about 337,644 experience, and to 200 million experience it saves 4,897,799 experience. The potential experience saved getting 99 may not be worth spending the time to get the set on average if current training methods are at least 70,000 experience per hour. However, the set is necessary for a master clue step, a hard combat achievement, and minnows.

Showing the completed angler's outfit to Kylie Minnow is required in order to gain access to the minnows in the Fishing Guild, but does not need to be equipped. A particular Sherlock master skill challenge requires that the full outfit be equipped.

The angler's outfit can be stored in the armour case space in a player-owned house and in the tackle box.

Players can get the spirit angler's outfit by exchanging the equivalent piece of angler's outfit, along with 1200 spirit flakes (4800 total set), to Gita Prymes in the Ruins of Unkah. This does not change the experience bonus, but does allow players to use the outfit as a rope to tether to objects when fighting Tempoross.


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