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A Porcine of Interest

A Porcine of Interest

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  • Time: 1 hours 

    Requirements: None


    5,000 coins

    1,000 Slayer experience

    30 Slayer reward points

    Access to the Sourhog Cave and Sourhog slayer tasks from Spria or Turael.

    Existing slayer helmets will have reinforced goggles added to them.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


A Porcine of Interest is a quest designed to introduce players to the Slayer skill. It added a new slayer master, Spria, to the game as well as a new monster, the Sourhog.

Ah, the Falador Farm - filled with cabbages, cows, and even a sleepy sheepdog. A peaceful place, where you can learn to churn butter, give a dog a bone, or purchase various Farming supplies. What was once a place of happiness, joy and wholesome dairy goods has of late become dominated by a vile presence. Each morning Sarah wakes to find her crops destroyed, her cows cowering, and her loyal sheepdog looking... sheepish.

She's had enough, but she thinks she's got the culprit on the trot. Can you help her track down... A Porcine of Interest?


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