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Void mage set

Void mage set

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  • Requirements: Combat level 70+ is required.

    Gears/Items: Combat gears for melee and Bow and Arrows/Combat Runes for Ranger/Mage.

    Note: Void mage set includes top, robe, gloves and mage helm.


The Void mage set gives a +45% to magic accuracy. This typically provides less accuracy and defensive bonuses than Ahrim's robes. If wearing Elite Void Knight robes, the set gives an additional 2.5% increase to magic damage. 

The effective magic attack bonus can be calculated with 1.45x + 28.8, where x is the equipment bonus while wearing the Void mage set. For example, if you have a magic attack bonus of +16 while also wearing the Void mage set, it effectively becomes +52 when factoring in the set effect. While wearing several best-in-slot pieces of magical gear, the accuracy of the Void mage set can surpass Ahrim's robes with the same gear.


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