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Troll Romance

Troll Romance

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  • Time: 2 hours   


    Quests: Troll Stronghold

    Skills: Level 28 Agility, The ability to defeat a level 171 Troll.


    8,000 Agility experience

    4,000 Strength experience

    1 diamond, 2 rubies and 4 emeralds (all uncut)

    A sled (required to complete a hard and an elite clue scroll step)

    Sledding route from Trollweiss Mountain

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Troll Romance is a quest revolving around the troll Ug and his unrequited love for another troll, Aga.

Ug loves Aga, but Aga is together with Arrg. Since Arrg is a lot stronger than Ug, Ug can't follow the regular mating ritual, which involves ripping the opponent into pieces. Will you be able to find out what will impress the troll female more than a display of violence? Will you survive the journey to help a lonely troll find love?


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