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The Fremennik Isles

The Fremennik Isles

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  • Time: 3 hours


    Quests: The Fremennik Trials

    Skills: Level 20 Construction, Level 40 Agility, Level 46 Crafting, Level 56 Woodcutting, 


    5,000 Construction experience

    5,000 Crafting experience

    10,000 Woodcutting experience

    Two lots of Combat level 10,000 Combat experience (choose between Strength Strength, Attack Attack, Defence Defence or Hitpoints Hitpoints).

    A Fremennik royal helm known as the helm of neitiznot, which is the equivalent of a berserker helm with a +3 Prayer bonus, slightly better Magic and crush Defence, and no negative bonuses. If a player loses the helm, they can talk to Mawnis Burowgar to buy another one for 50,000 coins.

    Access to Arctic Pine trees.

    Access to an island with a runite rock north-east of Neitiznot, which also has seven (7) coal rocks nearby.

    Access to the Jatizso mine, which contains up to adamantite rocks.

    Around 20,000 coins in assorted rewards during quest.

    The banks in Neitiznot and Jatizso are close to water, range, furnace, fishing spots, mining ores; a spinning wheel is also nearby.

    If the jester outfit is lost, a player can retrieve another one from the chest behind King Gjuki Sorvott IV's throne.

    Learn the ability to create yak-hide armour and Neitiznot shields.

    The Contraband Yak Produce shop is available on Jatizso if a player refunds the 5,000 coin tax to Vanligga Gastfrihet, who is north of the king.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


The Fremennik Isles is a quest about the two Fremennik islands Jatizso and Neitiznot, who are under the threat of invading ice trolls but also have a feud with each other.

Sibling rivalry can get messy - more so when the siblings are Fremennik princes with a point to prove. The islands of Jatizso and Neitiznot were set up by two brothers who hated each other, and they have been at loggerheads ever since. But now there is a new threat from trolls in the north... Can you prove your loyalty to both brothers and save the islanders from a fate as troll food? Your skills as a Fremennik warrior, a bridge builder and... a jester will be tested on the islands.


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