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The Eyes of Glouphrie

The Eyes of Glouphrie

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  • Time: 2 hours


    Quests: The Grand Tree

    Skills: Level 5 Construction, Level 46 Magic


    12,000 Magic experience

    2,500 Woodcutting experience

    6,000 Runecraft experience

    250 Construction experience

    A crystal saw seed — Either take it to Ilfeen in Tirannwn or use it on the singing bowl by Brimstail to get an enchanted crystal
    saw. It allows items (that require a saw) to be made three levels above your Construction. It has a limited number of charges (28), but the recharge is free - use the bowl again.

    Using the crystal seed with the singing bowl and getting a crystal saw is a medium task in the Western Provinces Area Achievement Diary.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


The Eyes of Glouphrie is a quest revolving around yet another plot against the Grand Tree gnomes, this time not by Glough, but a much more feared figure from gnomish history.

After you foiled a plan to destroy the Grand Tree things have been quiet in the gnome world. Brimstail has found a strange machine, though, built by Oaknock the Engineer during the Gnomes' Golden Age. What does the weird device do? Why on RuneScape was it built? If you agree to help this bookworm gnome get this confusing device working, you will learn a little about gnome magicks, gnome history, and you will start to uncover a new threat (or is it an old one?) to gnome security - a threat that is a lot harder to see ...


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