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Temple of Ikov

Temple of Ikov

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  • Time: 1.5 hours


    Skills: Level 42 Thieving, Level 40 Ranged


    10,500 Ranged experience

    8,000 Fletching experience

    Armadyl pendant (if you sided with Lucien, you must kill Guardians of Armadyl to obtain it)

    Pendant of Lucien, which grants access to a door in the Temple of Ikov

    Optional; Boots of lightness

    Optional; Shiny key, for a shortcut between the Temple of Ikov and McGrubor's Wood

    Completing this quest awards the player with 5 kudos which can be claimed by talking to Historian Minas in the Varrock Museum

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Temple of Ikov is a quest featuring Lucien, a Mahjarrat. The quest revolves around the infiltration of the Temple of Ikov in order to steal a powerful artefact known as the Staff of Armadyl.

A mysterious stranger called Lucien asks you to go on a mission deep under the Temple of Ikov in central Kandarin. He wants you to retrieve an artefact known as the Staff of Armadyl. After you retrieve it, the quest doesn't stop there... Are you on the side of good or evil?


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