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Recruitment Drive

Recruitment Drive

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  • Time: 2 hours


    Quests: Black Knights' Fortress, Druidic Ritual

    Skills: None but be able to defeat a Level 20 without any equipment or items.


    1,000.5 Prayer experience

    1,000.5 Agility experience

    1,000.5 Herblore experience

    Access to initiate armour. You will be given a sallet for free, and you can buy subsequent sallets from Sir Tiffy Cashien for 6,000 coins, the cuisse for 8,000 coins, the hauberk for 10,000 coins, or the full set for 20,000 coins. It is aesthetically similar to white armour, with a gold trim.

    The Gaze of Saradomin - When you die, you will have the option of returning to Falador instead of Lumbridge. Talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien to change your spawn point at any time.

    If you were a male at the start of the quest, you'll be given your 3,000 coins back, as well as a free Makeover voucher to change back.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 1


Recruitment Drive is the first quest in the Temple Knight series. It marks the first appearance of Sir Tiffy Cashien, who recruits you for the Temple Knights. However, the recruitment process involves several puzzles to test your wits.

The Temple Knights of Saradomin, a secret organisation founded many centuries ago by Saradomin himself, are currently looking to expand their ranks with some new blood. After the successful thwarting of the Black Knights' plans to take over Asgarnia, and with the personal recommendation of Sir Amik, you have now been offered the chance to apply for membership in this organization... but are you up to the challenge?


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