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Beneath Cursed Sands

Beneath Cursed Sands

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  • Time: 2 hours


    Quests: Contact!

    Skills: Level 62 Agility, Level 55 Crafting, Level 55 Firemaking, High Combat level is recommended.


    20,000 Agility experience
    Access to the Tombs of Amascut
    A Keris partisan
    The ability to upgrade the Keris to the Keris partisan
    The circlet of water, an untradeable helm that acts like a waterskin when worn
    Access to a fairy ring on a small island south-west of Necropolis, code a k p. (Unlocked when entering Necropolis during the beginning of the quest.)
    Jaltevas teleport option on the Pharaoh's sceptre. Unlocked by selecting Commune on an obelisk in the Necropolis area.

    Quest points gained upon completion: 2


Beneath Cursed Sands is an upcoming OSRS Quest. And it is a continuation of the Desert quest series. You have to complete it before you can participate in the upcoming Old School RS Raid Tombs of Amascut to get the great Unique Rewards.

There is an easy full-length quick guide for OSRS Beneath Cursed Sands quest we have prepared for you. Click Here to read more.

The Circlet of Water is an untradeable helm that acts like a Waterskin and can protect you from being damaged in the desert. You can charge it with Water runes, and five Water runes can be used to grant 1 charge.


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